Ceiling Options

Cove Light

Cove light is a way of diffusing the light in a room by directing the light onto the ceiling to be reflected back into the space creating a uniform lighting. It is generally soothing to the eye and does not draw attention to itself. The cove light can be in a recessed portion of the ceiling, or around it’s border to provide the walls with a soft light as well.


Provides uniform soft lighting

Energy efficient


Replacing lights can be inconvenient 

Usually requires supplementary lighting


A recessed ceiling is when the middle portion of a ceiling is higher than the surrounding area. It adds visual depth to the room and a high focal point that emphasizes the height of the room. A cove light is often paired with the recessed ceiling, and moldings can also be added to add character and detail to the space.


Adds height and elegance to the room

Adds detail and interest to the ceiling


More expensive than a conventional ceiling

Collects dust in any recessed areas


An exposed ceiling means that the structure of the ceiling is left visible and the mechanical and electrical systems become decorative elements instead of being hidden. It gives extra height and creates an airy, open atmosphere. However, it is harder to maintain and requires skilled labor to achieve a finished, intentionally designed look. Usually exposed ceilings are used in commercial or office spaces, but can also give a living room or bedroom an attractive industrial look when done neatly.


Provides increased height to the space

Adds character to the space when designed well


Requires more cooling due to the increased height

More difficult to replace lights

Requires the mechanical and electrical systems to be installed well since they won’t be hidden


A conventional ceiling, also known as a drop or false ceiling, is the most popular type of ceiling used with low cost materials and an easy installation process. It is a standard, drywall finish that’s on an accessible height and is therefore easiest to decorate and add lighting to.


Conceals mechanical and electrical systems

Can easily maintain and replace lights

A standard ceiling height provides a more cozy and inviting space


Can crack and show tears easily

May make noises due vibrations from the outside or from the AC ducts if not installed correctly

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