How it Works

Design online at your convenience

Our goal is to make the design process be as easy and flexible for you as possible.

Learn more about our services and design process, and how much easier it is to collaborate with your designer and personal shopper at Roomible.

1. Show us your room

You can easily share your room photos and current furniture layout with us during or after checkout. Simply use your phone to measure your room, or send us a hand drawn layout of your room with measurements, or let us take the measurements for you with our Room Measurement Service.

2. Describe your project

Each design project is unique and we always design with your lifestyle in mind. We’ll meet online at your convenience to learn more about you, your project requirements, and style preferences, and we’ll design a room that’s tailored to you.

3. View your new designs

Within a few days of receiving your room measurements and project requirements, you’ll be able to view your new room designs in full 3D with actual furniture pieces, lights, materials, and accessories that are all available in local stores.

4. Make changes to your design

Now we’ll work together to fine tune your design and make changes to any part of your room, or even prepare a new option in a completely different style. If you’d like to try your hand at design, you can also use our simple 3D editor to make changes yourself.

5. Shop directly from your new design

When you’re happy with your new room design, you can easily get all your new furniture details with the click of a button, or if you’d like us to handle your orders for you we’d be happy to assist with our Personal Shopper Service.