Wall Options


Paint is the most basic and popular cover for a wall. It’s inexpensive and easy to apply with an unlimited color library. It gives a clean, smooth finish to the interior and creates a clean canvas for furniture and accessories, and can easily be combined with other finishes.


More affordable than other options

Easy application requiring minimal preparation

Easy to change or paint over at a later time


Application can be messy and requires moving or covering furniture items

Depending on the type of paint, it may produce irritating or harmful odors and volatile compounds during and after application

Textured Paint

Textured paint is a thicker layer of paint that can cover up small imperfections on the underlying wall. In addition to being extremely resistant and durable, it also adds a depth and dimension to the space.


Comes in a wide variety of options

Will create a focal point when used strategically

More durable than other options


More expensive than regular paint

Requires skilled hands to produce the desired effect

Can be difficult to remove when a change is desired


Wallpaper allows you to add any pattern or design to any wall. It can add a pattern or texture to a wall, or look like another material such as marble, brick, or concrete. It is a durable finish to high traffic areas, but it is difficult to replace and risks damaging the wall beneath. 


An unlimited number of options available

Easy application that doesn’t produce much of a mess

Some wallpaper options are water resistant and are reusable when removed

Hides imperfections on the underlying walls


Can get damaged when exposed to sunlight

Repeated exposure to water can peel the wallpaper off the wall

3D Panels

3D Panels offer a clean stylish finish with no grouting lines or visible seams. Whether it extends full height or halfway through to the ceiling, it gives some thermal and acoustic insulation. It is recommended that these be used on accent walls to create a point of interest in the room.


Easily maintained

Uniform finish

Affordable and easy repair


Can potentially warp if exposed to high temperatures or temperature fluctuations

Time-consuming application

Depending on the adhesive used, can give off fumes during application

Wood Panels

Wood panels is a clean, warm finish that offers warmth and insulation to the space. Although it may need regular maintenance, the panels are relatively easy to replace without altering the entire surface.


Provides acoustic insulation

Relatively easy to fix if damaged


Can warp with time

More expensive than other options

Brick Cladding

Brick cladding creates a warm and inviting space to live in. It is a very unique material that is hard to change or decorate but is a highly durable finish that can withstand intensive pressure.


Very durable and can last 50+ years

Low maintenance


Mortar can crack if not applied correctly 

Moisture retention can cause damage

Tile Cladding

Tiles are a very practical wall finish for many interiors, with a great variety of options from marble, granite, or ceramic tiles. With a wide range of designs, they are easy to clean and maintain, but may not be the best material to use for rooms that need good acoustics.


Highly durable

Easy to clean and maintain


Heavy and require a good base for application

Labor intensive installation

Can result in poor acoustics depending on location and furniture selection

Molding & Trim

Interior moldings can add a great sense of style to a space, and when used as decorative elements they provide contrast of dark and light areas to give definition to the room. They can also hide imperfections in the floor, wall, or ceiling finishing or joints.


Hide imperfections in the interior finishing work

Easy installation

Can protect walls from damage


Style may get dated quickly

High initial cost depending on the number of molding elements used

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